Symposium on Lattice Gauge Theory


Symposium on Lattice Gauge Theory

At the beginning of May 2011 the University of Wuppertal organized the Japan Days celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Friendship Treaty between Japan and Germany of 1861. The natural catastrophe in Japan cast a cloud over the event, which nevertheless took place as a sign of solidarity.

On May 2nd there was a Symposium on Lattice Gauge Theory, which is an area of elementary particle physics. Invited speakers were: from Japan Prof. Dr. Yasumichi Aoki (Nagoya University) and Prof. Dr. Shinji Takeda (Kanazawa University); from USA Dr. Taku Izubuchi (RIKEN BNL Research Center); from Germany Prof. Dr. Owe Philipsen (Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main), Dr. Rainer Sommer (NIC, DESY, Zeuthen), Dr. Peter Weisz (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik, München) and from University of Wuppertal Dr. Christian Hölbling and Prof. Dr. Francesco Knechtli. The opening of the Symposium was given by Vice-rector Prof. Dr. Andreas Frommer.

Lattice Gauge Theory and its related simulations on supercomputers are a research focus in both countries. To present them to a more general public interested in natural sciences, after the Symposium there were two colloquia in the series of the Physics Colloquium. Prof. Dr. Sinya Aoki (University of Tsukuba, Japan) spoke about "Nuclear Force from Quarks and Gluons" and Prof. Dr. Zoltan Fodor (University of Wuppertal) about "Lattice QCD and the mass of the visible universe". The opening of the colloquia was given by Vice-rector Prof. Dr. Petra Winzer.

„The emotional words of Prof. Aoki at the beginning of his colloquium have conveyed to the audience that Japan needs time to recover from the disastrous consequences of the large earthquake and the sea wave. The participation of the external speakers, some of them travelled a long distance, is a sign that the focus of the event was not only scientific but also the friendship in difficult times. The concert in the Stadthalle, that was attended together the evening before, was a very nice preamble“, said Prof. Dr. Francesco Knechtli.

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